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Welcome to the Parco di Villa Carcano

Welcome to the Parco di Villa Carcano - Parco di Villa Carcano

The Parco and the Villa Carcano at Anzano, in the Alta Brianza (Northern Italy), between the cities of Como and Lecco, are of exceptional landscaping, architectural and botanical value. This site has remained seemingly untouched in a region that experienced a very intense urban and industrial development.

The location, on the last foothills of the Alps and the lush greenery of the Park, now allows to appreciate a magnificent landscape of the  Brianza region, pristine, as it was two centuries ago.
The Park and the Villa have been designed and built around 1790. They have since been property of the same family that created them, took care to maintain them and that is directly managing the site  today.
Since autumn 2010, the Park is open to visitors during two limited periods in Spring and Autumn.  For conditions see page "The Visit".
The Parco di Villa Carcano is a  member  ADSI - Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane- and of the  Gardens of Lake Como and Brianza, organized by the Province of Como
Flyng over - and inside - the Parco..